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Cool Timer Product Information

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Current version:
License: Freeware

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"Dad, she got more time on the computer than me. Not fair!"
"But Dad, he got more time yesterday!"
"Well she's been on for 3 hours!"
"No I haven't!"
"Well it seems like it. When is it gonna be MY turn?"

Parents: Heard this before? Don't have a panic attack, let Cool Timer tell your kids when their time is up, let you know when your cake is done, or when you need to take a break, etc. It can even wake you up in the morning OR be used as a stopwatch. All for FREE on your Windows PC! Download now.

Want an even more powerful and versatile timer solution with priority support and even more features? Check out Cool Timer Deluxe.

Introducing the all new, sleek and simple Cool Timer. We think it's so cool that we even considered changing the name to "Awesome Timer".

Cool Timer does a lot in just a little space with a small memory footprint, using very little system resources and taking up very little screen real estate.

Recent Changes:
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Key Features
  • Can be used in three different modes: countdown, alarm clock, or stopwatch.
  • Optional graphical visualization of time passage in countdown mode.
  • Optionally show cool, scrolling LED-style, customizable marquee message when alarm goes off.
  • Several built-in sounds to use as an alarm.
  • Use your own sound files for alarms (MP3 or Wav).
  • Use Windows Media playlist files for alarms so that a different random song wakes you up or plays as the countdown alarm.
  • Can be set for up to 1000 hours in countdown mode.
  • Time digits can be shown full screen for easy viewing even from across the room.
  • Save and reload preset countdown times.
  • Set alarm in alarm clock mode for only certain days of the week.
  • Optionally require that a simple, fun image puzzle be solved in order to be able to turn off alarm in alarm clock mode.
  • Automatically wakes computer from hibernation before alarm sounds.
  • Automatically unmutes system volum before alarm sounds.
  • Automatically run a task on your computer when alarm sounds.
  • Absolutely free!
  • Cool Timer can be used in three different modes, either as a countdown timer, as an alarm clock, or as a stopwatch. You can quickly and easily switch modes whenever you want and even have the program start in any of the 3 modes you specify.

    In countdown mode, the program acts just like an oven timer. You can use it for cooking, excercise, taking a break, limiting kids' time on the computer, etc. A unique feature is the "visualization" option which visually represents the time passage by either gradually "wiping away" or revealing an image in a radial sweep pattern in sync with the time as it counts down. This is great for small children who can't yet comprehend the concept of digits counting down or if you would just prefer a quick visual representation of how much time is left when the timer is counting down. This feature can be toggled on or off quickly and easily via the program's "Tools" menu or a shortcut key on your keyboard.

    Cool Timer can play any sound file or one of several built-in sounds that you specify when time expires in countdown mode or as a wake-up alarm in alarm clock mode. It can even optionally display a cool, LED light board style text message that you specify when time expires to remind you why you set the timer in both alarm clock and countdown mode.

    Customizable, scrolling text message screenshot

    In alarm clock mode, you set a specific time of day and day(s) of the week that you would like the alarm to go off. When it goes off, you can click the snooze button to automatically reset the alarm to go off a short time later to allow you to sleep a little longer. You can also optionally have the program automatically perform a task on your computer, such as start a program or open a website, when the alarm goes off. In addition, you can choose to have the program present you with a simple, fun, image-based jigsaw puzzle to solve before it will allow you turn off the alarm. This makes you kick start your brain a little to get you going in the morning so that you aren't tempted to just turn of the alarm and then groggily, inadvertantly fall back to sleep. Click here for a screenshot of the puzzle window.

    When used in stopwatch mode, the program can track how much time you spend on a project for which you're being paid by the hour or similar situations. There is also a lap time feature which allows you to pause the counter and display the time at which it was paused while still counting up in the background. Stopwatch time is accurate to hundreths of a second.

    Cool Timer allows you to save and reload frequently used lengths of time as presets so that you can quickly and easily set time on the timer without having to do it manually in countdown mode.

    There is also an option to display the timer's digits in full screen mode making them very large and easily readable from across the room.

    Download Cool Timer absolutely free now.

    Want even more functionality and versatility? Check out our all new paid version, Cool Timer Deluxe, featuring even more beautiful background selections, ability to set unlimited alarm clock alarms, record your own sounds to use as alarms, and much more.

    Feature comparison:

    Cool Timer Deluxe

    Cool Timer Standard

    Number of alarm clock alarms allowed to be set



    Set alarm clock alarms for any dates in the future



    Number of  automatic tasks allowed to run when alarm goes off



    Number of background image selections



    Number of built-in alarm sounds



    Number of alarm clock puzzle image selections



    Visualization image selections

    52 built-in or use your own


    Record custom alarm sounds



    Run mutiple instances of the program



    Priority support



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