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Totally Free Teacher Tools
Below we've assembled a directory of our freeware programs that might be of special interest to teachers. All of these programs are completely free.

If you are a teacher or parent and find any of these programs useful in your work, please consider helping to further develop them by donating any amount you can afford using the "Donate" button below or by sharing them with your friends or colleagues using the "Share" button below. Thanks for your support.

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These apps are included in the Totally Free Teacher Tools suite:

Cool Timer
Time anything! Let your kids know when it's time to get off the computer, let yourself know when it's time to take a break, when the cake is done, when it's time to wake-up, etc. with several cool alarm sounds and all new visualization feature.
The Hat
Need to decide a random order in which your kids or students are to do projects or activities? Just like pulling names from a hat, only much easier and way more fun. Cool animation and sound effects, too!
Text Tally
Count lines, words, and characters in any text copied to the Clipboard.
Automate your Secret Santa gift exchange program for your family, office, or classroom this Holiday season for free.
Screen Highlighter
Highlight or annotate anything on your screen. Drag out translucent rectangles or ovals, or even stamp premade indicator icons anywhere.

Now you can get all of the above-mentioned free teacher tools in one convenient package. Just download the Totally Free Teacher Tools Suite by clicking here, run the file, and pick which apps you want to install from the menu.

Thanks to these fine teaching resource sites for helping spread the word about Totally Free Teacher Tools:

  • Dr. LeBeau's HomePage
  • Vicki Blackwell's Internet Guide for Educators
  • Sites for Teachers

  • Attention Teachers: If you have an idea for a small, handy utility that would be of value to you or other teachers, please let us know at teach(at)harmonyhollow.net. If we agree, we may develop it into a program to add to our suite and give you credit for the idea.

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