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Info about USB drivers and USB debugging mode

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How to enable USB Debugging Mode on your device

On newer versions of Android, first enable "Developer Options" by opening "Settings" then scroll down to and touch "About Phone". Then scroll to "Build number" and touch it 7 times.

No go back to the main "Settings" screen, scroll down to "Developer options", then scroll to "Android debugging", and check the box beside the option.

On older versions, open "Settings", click "Applications", then "Development", then check the box beside "USB debugging".

Installing USB drivers for you device

The quickest and easiest way to install the USB drivers for your device that Android Injector needs to fucnction properly is to download and install PDANet from this link. It automatically detects most devices and installs the correct drivers during its installation. If this doesn't work, you can look for drivers for your device on this page.

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